Application Process

I am interested in applying to the UT Horizon Fund:   
  • Faculty or staff applicants:  Contact your UT System institution’s Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) officer to determine eligibility.  Faculty and staff may also speak with the UT Horizon Fund directly, although we encourage a discussion with your institution’s OTC first.
  • Entrepreneur applicants:  Contact the UT Horizon Fund directly or the UT institution’s OTC officer.
I want to form a company:
  • New Ventures Program— UT System will assist in identifying entrepreneurial leadership to lead commercialization of new technologies. This program provides a vehicle to commercialize new technologies with entrepreneurial leadership.
I have a company: 
  • Existing Ventures Program — UT System will provide a source of capital for existing spin-offs at the inflection point of delivering a new product or service to society utilizing UT intellectual property. This program provides a means to continue progress and economic sustainability to UT.

All investments out of the Fund are subject to the terms of the investment documentation, acceptable to the Fund and consistent with any and all applicable statutes, regulations and institutional policies.