Apollo Endosurgery
Apollo EndosurgeryApollo Endosurgery, Inc. is a leader in the field of endoscopic surgery, a type of surgery that minimizes the trauma of surgical access by taking advantage of natural orifices. Proprietary technology such as the OverStitch suturing system and the OverTube endoscopic access system are industry standards and look to be technology that will be widely used by surgeons in the coming years.
CardiovateCardiovate is a medical device firm focused on developing tissue-engineering scaffold for aneurysm repair or “TESAR”.  TESAR creates a tissue barrier between the blood and the aneurysm after it is implanted.  The goal is to significantly reduce the need for secondary visits to the doctor and lower lifetime costs for patients who are treated with aneurysms.  Cardiovate was formed out of UT San Antonio and UT Health Science Center San Antonio and received funding from the 2012 UT Horizon Fund Student Investment Competition. 
Cerevast Therapeutics
Headquartered in Redmond, Washington, Cerevast is pioneering the field of utilizing ultrasonic waves to treat strokes in the brain. Their revolutionary technology is a huge advancement over current methods, and makes them by and far the leader in their field.
FibeRio Technology Corporation in McAllen, Texas aims to transform the materials industry through the unlimited availability of nanofibers. FibeRio is the world-wide exclusive licensee of Forcespinning™ technology which produces nanofibers in high volume at a dramatically lower price than other technologies.  In 2011, FibeRio won R&D Magazine’s Top 100 R&D Award.  Prior recipients included the halogen lamp (1974), fax machine (1975), liquid crystal display (1980), Nicoderm anti-smoking patch (1992), Taxol anticancer drug (1993) and HDTV (1998).
Latakoo is an Austin company providing an end-to-end video management platform, specializing in the simplification of video delivery and archiving over the Internet without costly investment in hardware and software.
M87M87 Inc. is a U.T. Austin spinout based in Austin, TX.  Utilizing technology developed at U.T., M87 brings to the market the ability to improve cellular coverage and capacity without the need for changes or modifications to the existing infrastructure of cellular operators. M87 brings a software-focused approach to problems that typically are addressed by multibillion dollar expenditures. The potential for their technology could be revolutionary. Providing such a cost effective method for enhancing and upgrading their networks is sure to attract telecom companies around the world.
MTIMicroTransponder Inc. is a medical device development company with a strong neuroscience research focus. An experienced team of scientists and engineers is developing neurostimulation technology platforms to treat various forms of neurological disease, including tinnitus and post stroke motor rehabilitation. MicroTransponder has a substantial neurostimulation focused R&D program which is able to quickly translate scientific discoveries into clinical therapies.
PLx Pharma
PLx PharmaPLx Pharma Inc. is a U.T. Health Science Center spinout based in Houston, TX. They focus their development efforts on drug products that have active ingredients previously approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This approach reduces development risks and speeds product development. PLx is utilizing U.T. technology to improve the gastrointestinal safety of NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). These improvements will be used in drugs for every purpose including cardiovascular disease, cancer prevention, pain, inflammation and fever. They have a host of drugs currently being developed.
Rapamycin Holdings
Rapamycin HoldingsRapamycin Holdings, Inc. licenses rapamycin-related intellectual property developed at the UTHSCSA. Rapamycin, a drug federally approved to suppress organ rejection, continues to be studied for its potential to slow the aging process and its efficacy in treating age-related diseases. The Horizon Fund is investing in Rapamycin Holdings under the Existing Ventures funding program.