Our Performance

In FY 2009, U. T. System was ranked by The Association of University Technology Managers* as:
  • 2nd in Total Research Funding
  • 2nd in Startups created
  • 3rd in Licenses executed
  • 5th in U.S. Patents Issued
  • 2nd in U.S. Patent Applications
In FY 2010, U.T. System had the following metrics:
  • $2.35B Total Research*
  • $1.32B Federal Research*
  • $214M Industry Research*
  • 713 New Disclosures *
  • 2,405 Total Patents*
  • 1,303 U.S. Patents*
  • 958 Patent Applications*
  • 1,160 License Agreements*
Performance metrics:
  • $42.4M License Income*
  • 125 Active Startups*
  • 23 New Products on the Market*
Economic metrics:
  • 41 Startups *
  • 29 in Texas*
No — the Horizon Fund is the strategic venture fund of the UT System and only invests in equity startups.
Since 2000, Research has doubled along with invention disclosures and patent filings
Since 2000, License Agreements and License Revenue have each doubled
Since 2000, after an initial peak following the dot-com bubble, startup companies in Texas are the highest they have ever been