Congratulations to 2013 UTHF-SIC finalists!

April 11, 2013,3:15 pm

The 2013 UT Horizon Fund Student Investment Competition (UTHF-SIC) announced sixteen student finalists for the event on May 2, 2013.  

We are pleased to report that the hard work and diligence of UT students, their faculty educators, external mentors and UT staff have resulted in a number of highly competitive applications from 10 UT institutions, up from the prior year from the 15 eligible UT institutions. 

The competition includes winners from 5 current UT System institution competitions as automatic finalists (UT AustinUT DallasUT San AntonioUT El Paso and UT Pan American).  In addition we have at-large applicants from those and five other UT institutions (UTARL, UTMDACC, UTHSC-H, UTHSC-SA and UTSWMC).  Since those other UT System institutions did not hold their own competition, the UT System competition is the only opportunity for them to participate in one directly. 

On May 2nd 2013, the competition enables student teams to present their business plan and ideas to real investors, and also includes an elevator pitch contest, content covering matters pertaining to starting a company and one on one interactions with investors, mentors and advisors.  

At the competition, student team finalists will be organized and judged by a high profile group of venture capitalists, angel investors and industry experts into two tracks.  Broken down into two tracks (information technology, and biomedical/engineering), the finalists are:

  • Information Technology:
  • Biomedical/ Engineering:
    • AdBm Technologies (UTAUS)
    • American Water Recycling (UTEP) [Video]
    • BSX Athletics (UTHSC-H)
    • CyberShark (UTEP)
    • Lapara (UTSA)
    • MyFiberPlex (UTPA)
    • Seismos (UTAUS)
    • Transformative Nanotechnology (UTPA)

The event will take place at UT System headquarters at the Ashbel Smith Building, 201 West 7th St., Austin TX.  A reception will be held after the event and after judges have conferred to announce the winner. 


The competition has its origins in the February 2012 meeting of the University of Texas Board of Regents, Technology Transfer and Research (TTR) Committee.

At the February 2012 meeting of the UT Regents, TTR Committee Chairman Regent (now former Regent) Dannenbaum stated  the need for an entrepreneurship competition that was “open to all levels” of students including both “undergraduate and graduate” levels.  Given the success of student led companies such as Dell and Facebook, UT System should embrace, enable and, for competitive projects, invest in innovative student commercialization which deserves “special consideration”.  As part of that special consideration, the UT Horizon Fund launched the UTHF-SIC.  

Engaging Students and their Deans, Faculty and Staff at UT institutions

Fast forward a year later, the 2013 UTHF-SIC serves as a venue for all UT students,  graduate, undergraduate, medical resident and trainee, from all 15 UT institutions, both academic and health.  The UTHF-SIC also serves as a means for students to interact with venture capitalists, angel investors, industry experts, mentors, advisors and other key individuals in a real investment competition.   

Since the announcement of the 2013 UTHF-SIC in November 2012, UTHF staffmembers have held meetings with deans and faculty, and two system-wide open and public webinars.  Our goal is to create a close working relationship with deans, faculty and staff at UT System institutions to focus attention on engaging students. 

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